Friday, July 29, 2016

Admiring Sylvia

Amidst her own demise
She kept on drawing
with words
she kept on carving
with depression
she kept on singing
with the angel of death

Death and suicide
As beautiful
as words
could ever describe
as beautiful
as art
worth DaVinci's
long life appraisal

She called me one night
amidst my own
She summoned
my inner artist
to try and produce
to try and create
my masterpiece

Would I
as much as I would love
be comparable to her
The mother
the painter
of Lady Lazarus
the summoner of
my inner demons
like her own child.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Mistress of the night.

If the moon was loyal to the night
She would be gone by the time sun showed up
But I saw her this morning
Hiding behind a veil of clouds

The wind blew in my face,
whispering tall tales of the fate
that waited the mistress of the night

Could it be that one could love
two different beings of such intensity
She would be seen lighting up
the nightly world draped by the darkness
but shone by her light

And she would also be seen hiding behind
another light far greater
but remains loyal to keep his radiance

She remains loyal to both.
But mistress to one.
She lights one's life
but needed another to light her own.

Tell me, is this a destined tale of love or tragedy. 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

2016. ( My Introduction of a new year )

Hai. Assalamualaikum. Hello everyone. It's 2016 !

I don't have much to say, except that i need to start blogging again, I've left this blog for far too long. I've deleted most of my posts, I think it's time for a fresh start. Start blogging maturely. Maybe gain a few more feeds. Write something more beneficial, something that, when I look back I can recall some sort of knowledge or what sorts.

So now, I'm in my second semester of foundation at ASiD, ( Pusat Asasi UiTM Dengkil). Currently struggling to fill my UPU, not sure if I'm going to further my studies because of our country's current state. I don't feel like i want to be in debt with out stupid government, paying doubles, triples, for PTPTN, just to fill their worm-filled stomachs with more of my money in the future. It's sad actually, to see that my beloved Malaysia, is going downhill with the current PM and his ministers. Stupid, stupid ministers. Signing the TPPA, suspending JPA scholarships, MARA too, not to mention.
I guess this is what they meant when they say, akhir zaman, pemerintahan orang orang zalim. Some of my friends actually said, "kerajaan dah bagi duit elaun asasi kan, tak bersyukur juga?"
Ok, let me see, yuran pengajian is RM400++, yuran kolej is RM400++, buku is about RM300++. duit makan, kalau sehari RM10, untuk satu sem, RM1200. Duit bantuan asasi is RM1920. Do the maths la ek. Lagi mau cakap, kita tak pandai berjimat. Yes, boleh cakap, minta la kat parents duit, yes, people might see me as someone from a well off family, but they don't know our struggle. My siblings are both in boarding schools. Because of ayah's pay slip, the schools are charging more, biasalah sistem sekolah asrama ni kan, yang gaji lebih bayar lebih untuk tampung orang yang tak mampu.

Oh, I'm taking TESL, which is, Teaching English as a Second Language. Harapnya dapat jadi cikgu la, i want to become an educator, insyaAllah. Memang nak mengajar, haha, taktaulah kenapa. Tiba-tiba je nak sangat jadi cikgu.

Erm, ok. That's it. Until next time, insyaAllah.